Strange And Unique Sexy Shoe: The Glittery Heelless Heels

Heelless heels: how's that for an oxymoron? The shoes you're about to see aren't for the weak at heart; they're for the fashion risk-takers and those with gravity on their sides! Those who take their fashion cues from Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz might also feel the need to slip their feet into these!

Natacha Marro Red Glitter PlatformsNatacha Marro Red Glitter Platforms

Natacha Marro has been at it again with the Heelless Heels Red Glitter Platforms. These shoes aren't for women who can't manage to see eye-to-eye with gravity, and while they might seem festive for the holiday season, they should also probably be avoided when dressing for a holiday party where the liquor is likely to flow.

Heelless HeelsHeelless Heels

No word yet on where these will be available; but if you're looking to slip your feet into a pair; best of luck, you might want to update your will just in case!

Via: Style Bubble

Dec 1, 2009
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture

Ouch! No support.

What will the doctor bills be like for the poor soul who chooses to wear these...Tweet Tweet

Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Plenty of support - in the wrong place

If you've ever worn heels higher than about 4", you'll notice that your weight is mostly concentrated on the ball of your foot and your toes - you could eliminate the heel from a 5" heel shoe and not notice too much of a difference. Practice makes perfect, just like walking in your very first pair of big-girl heels.