Strange Bench-Fellows "Come A Little Bit Closer"

If the people sitting on this bench look a little perplexed, there's a reason why....

Their seats are moving!



Designed by Nina Farkache for Droog Design, The Come A Little Bit Closer bench is made in two versions, 3-seat and 5-seat.

When you sit down on the Come A Little Bit Closer bench, your seat begins to slide around and you soon realize from the sounds of tinkling glass beneath you, that you are sitting on a bed of moving marbles. If someone else takes another seat on this bench, you will, without a doubt, be pushed together.


Image the Come A Little Bit Closer bench in a doctor's waiting room! What fun the doctor's staff would have watching their patients bump into each other all day! And the patients would probably be more relaxed for their blood pressure checkups too!

But seriously, the Come A Little Closer is a clever and creative interactive furniture design, and I like the way it can bring strangers together for a bit of common experience, don't you? Strange bench-fellows!

Available at Unica Home.