Strange Business Idea: Online Shopping Website Hugs Its Shipments

Soul's Calling, an online shopping website that features inspirational products, may seem like a normal business, but to see why it's so strange, you need to look at it a little bit closer. The owner of this weird and wacky home business, believes in Positive Energy Transfer which she instills in her products through prayer, meditation, and of course, hugging.

Soul's Calling currently sells only six inspirational products, which include bracelets, umbrellas (the inspirella), glasses and sandals. Each of these products have an inspirational message on them, which state things like "reach out", "rain is a gift from above - like you", "we are all connected" and my personal favorite, monogrammed on a glass; "half full".  With only a small inventory of product variety, Soul's Calling doesn't seem like it should stand out from the pack; at face value, it seems like any other business that specializes in inspirational merchandise.

What makes Soul's Calling unique, and definitely makes it a contender for one of the strangest businesses (ever?) is that entrepreneur and founder, Gina Cotroneo believes in enhancing the gift of her products with Positive Energy Transfer, which she accomplishes through positive feelings and hugging. To make sure that her products are shipped with good vibes, she also requests that the manufacturers of her inspirational accessories remain positive when handing her products.

Soul's Calling was voted Start-Up Nation's Wackiest Business of 2008, and admitted to the website that she knows her business concept is strange; stating "what kind of weirdo hugs the boxes before shipping the customer's orders out?" However, she does firmly believe that her products are unique, because the Positive Energy Transfer instills in them additional inspiration that can be passed onto the new owner.

Hey, whatever it takes to get your name known; smart business, weird idea.

Via: Start-Up Nation