Strange Toy Emulates Environmental Conditions

Imagine the feeling of the cosmos contained in two little containers.  Or the feeling of snow.  Or lava.  Or the ocean.

These texture sensations are the goal of the Planet Plasma sets from Jakks Pacific.

This is odd-to say the least-and may require some explanation.  Each set of two jars represents a different aspect of our environment.  The contents of the jars are somewhat gooey.  Each set contains different compounds designed to emulate the textures, smells, and temperatures of two different environments.  These include:

*Cosmic Dust & the planet Mars

*Oceans & Lava

*Snow & Earth

*Desert & Fire

Lava in a jar.  Wear gloves.Lava in a jar. Wear gloves.

I found it difficult to narrow down how these things work-or what exactly they really do smell and feel like.  I'm assuming that they are essentially some sort of muddy substance (sort of like "Slime") with textures and various scents mixed in.

They'd have to be something like that, right?  I mean, when's the last you heard that you could go to the toy store and purchase a container of cosmic dust?

While I can't necessarily see any value, fun or educational, in this stuff, it does sound neat in theory.  Maybe little Billy could use it as an "environmental trap" to capture his G.I. Joe action figures...

I dunno...  I must admit to being curious as to how cosmic dust smells, however...

You can purchase all of the Planet Plasmas at Amazon.

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