Strangest Business Concept Today: Wearable Rubber Band For The Whole Family...What?!

If you've ever had this thought: "hey, I really wish that had a wearable rubber band that would fit all of my family members at once" then there's a good chance you need to talk to know that "someone" called a psychotherapist. Yes, the kind with drugs, you need it. But, besides that, there's good news because there is someone out there crazier than you who has not only dreamed about giant rubber bands, but dreamed them up into reality.

Human Rubber BandHuman Rubber Band

The people behind the Human Rubber Band don't need prescribed drugs, because it goes without saying that they're probably on the other variety already. The only thing that's crazier than thinking about purchasing a giant, wearable rubber band is actually creating one and then turning that into a business, so this is the stuff of commitment (the insane asylum variety, in case I've lost you). This weird, wearable item can contain a whole family of four at once, and it even presents a few risks.

The Human Rubber Band is a game, really, not that it makes this business concept any less wacky. There are complex directions on their website, but the bottom line is get four people in the band, swap places and hope the thing never snaps at you.  

With business concepts like this one, a few drinks may be required to get the idea off the ground, but it can't be TOO crazy when clearly it's getting attention can it? Well, maybe.

May 24, 2010
by Anonymous

I am also crazy

I am happy to read 'rubber band,,..'
Wah! there 'er indeed crazier guys than me! I have some (lots of) ideas. Just one (please put up with me).
Title: New source of energy.
Sources - 1: Fish. Why have we not tried to create power from a paticular fish generating electricity to kill its enemies?
Source-2: From lightning
Source-3: movement of vehicles cause fast wind in high ways. Keeping small sized wind mills power can be generated.
Bed room light: When a fan is on in aroom. the air circulation is brisk o the corners. By keeping a small plastic fans it is possible to generate power for zero watt lamps. This will be night lamp!