Strangest Fashion For Fall 2009: Muppets Aren’t Just Puppets Anymore!

At a recent fashion show to display designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's Fall 2009 fashion line, the infamous Muppets walked the runway, proving they are capable of being more than puppets. Read on to learn if the Muppets and fashion collide in a new Muppet Movie production, if the designer is using an elaborate marketing ploy to reach a younger audience, or if something much more frightening has happened to our favorite Jim Henson characters.

At the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's fashion show where he revealed his new fashion line for Fall 2009, the Muppets participated in the show in a way that might be disturbing to Muppets fans young and old. No, Miss Piggy did not strut her stuff as a runway model; the Muppets were the fashion. The slightly disturbing and strange fashion items feature pint-sized Kermit the Frogs as headgear and vests, and an Animal plush as a faux-fur hat and more.

These whimsical fashions would be better seen on schoolyards, rather than on high-fashion runways; but lets see if the Muppets make a comeback in the fashion world come fall.