Strap Yourself In And Run With The FLIZ Pedal-Less Bike Concept

FLIZ Pedal-Less BikeFLIZ Pedal-Less Bike

Is it really a bike if it doesn't have pedals? Even motorized bicycles have pedals. Even gear-less and chain-less bikes have pedals. The FLIZ Pedal-Less Bike has no pedals, yet it still calls itself a bike, though it looks more like the rider is hang-gliding.

The designers of this concept bike don't intend it to be a replacement or a better alternative to the bike. Instead, the FLIZ is just another option for the urban commuter. It is an option that has the feel of gliding instead of riding. It is a fun option and a fun-looking option. 


FLIZ works simply enough. Just strap yourself into the harness and walk or run yourself to your destination. When you get up enough speed, just prop your feet on the pegs on the back wheel and glide. You can check out the video below for a better idea of how that works. 

You can find more details at the FLIZ blog (just be warned it's in German, and you may need Google translate).