Home Voodoo Doll Kit is Simply Spellbinding


Voodoo is serious business and it always has been - in Japan, the practice dates back to the 8th century when it was known as Ushinokokumairi, or "Going to the shrine at the time of the Ox at 2:00am in the morning."

A millennium later, people are just too busy working, shopping and sleeping to throw down curses at the neighborhood shrine. Lucky for them, they can conjure up some classic voodoo in the comfort of their home or office thanks to this handy, traditionally designed, DIY voodoo doll kit.   


The basic Ushinokokumairi home kit is true to its ancient progenitor and comes with everything you need to lay a wicked whammy on that pushy boss, mean teacher or nagging spouse:

  • One "Wara Ningyo" straw voodoo doll
  • One traditional hammer
  • Seven 15 centimeter (6") long nails
  • One curse-blocking bracelet
  • Some Japanese cedar wood
  • Three candles

The cedar represents cedar trees at the shrine where the cursing ritual should ideally be performed and the three candles should be lit and worn on your head... wax on, wax off, wax OUCH!!!

As for the curse-blocking bracelet, it's to protect the curser just in case the curse boomerangs on your vindictive self - voodoo's not an exact science (OK, it's not a science at all) and better to be safe than sorry. The home voodoo doll kit costs 7,500 yen (about $80) including tax and shipping. (via ZTV, image via Sarudama)

Editor's Note: A cute and simple  variation of the Voo Doo Doll Kit is available on Amazon hereThe office version of the Voo Doo Doll Kit is available here.

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