Prescription Ice Cream To ReCharge Your Appetite After Chemotherapy

There is an an acronym for the effects of chemotherapy on the intestines: CID, which stands for chemotherapy-induced diarrhea.  CID can result in anemia and loss of natural immunity, not only from persistent diarrhea, but vomiting and lack of hunger. A tasty, easy-to-digest food product that young and old adore, that would help limit the ravaging effects of chemotherapy on the stomach and intestines, is crying to be developed.  But just what might that food be?

Oncology researchers at the University of Auckland and food researchers at the New Zealand dairy company Fonterra have created a strawberry ice cream that reportedly tastes just like regular strawberry ice cream, but contains two bio-active components that could lick CID. So far, the new medical ice cream, called ReCharge, has had successful first trials: in mice, Recharge showed a reduction in irritation to the intestines and gut lining, as well as a reduction in weight loss.

Fronterra, which has a special LactoPharma division to continue research on dairy applications for medicinal delivery, reported that there were also improvements to the immune systems and blood markers in the mice.

The first trials with cancer patients are now underway.   Each participant will be required to each 100 grams of ReCharge or regular strawberry ice cream every day.  In about three to four years, a prescription for ReCharge will mean a tasty and fun way for cancer patients, young and old, to stay healthy while receiving chemotherapy.



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