Strawberry Pink Computer Keyboard Looks Sweet, Offers Substance

The humble keyboard - it's likely the one computer peripheral we pay the least attention to, yet actually use the most when it comes to "hands on" computing. Enter the Majestouch "Elite Pinkness" keyboard, offering a soft touch for your typing fingers while satisfying your eyes with its sweet-looking style!

At 11,550 yen (around $135), the pretty in pink Majestouch may seem somewhat pricey to those of us (yours truly included) who manage to get by on a generic $5 keyboard they picked up at the local computer discount store. Look deeper and you'll find that the Majestouch gives you a decent bang for the buck centered on its high quality components.

The real "key" to this keyboard are the Cherry MX Brown switches that underlie each cute pink key. As one reviewer at the Elite Keyboards website enthuses, "Typing on the Filco Majestouch Tactile Touch is an absolute pleasure: It is the best keyboard I have ever used. Its Cherry MX Brown switches require a light touch and provide a slight but noticeable tactile bump."

Included with each keyboard are a PS/2 adapter to go along with the color-matched USB attachment cable. Majestouch lists a number of other keyboards alongside the new "Elite Pinkness" so tempted typists have other options. Even so, adding a little taste to traditional tech always goes down easy. (via Akihabara News and Diatec)

UPDATE: For those looking for cheaper versions, Amazon has a great collection of pink keyboards.

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