STRAWZ Brings Creative Play To The Table


Remember how much fun it was to build stuff when you were a kid?  Any kind of building kit created hours of fun and sparked a lot of imagination.  Remember how entertaining it was to play with straws in your milk?  Bendy straws were the best because you could stretch and shape them without flicking droplets of your drink across the table and annoying the heck out of your parents.



These days there is a whole new way to be creative with your beverages.  STRAWZ is a fun looking kit that comes with 24 clear straw components and 20 brightly colored, flexible pieces to join the straw parts together.  So kids (of all ages) can bend and twist to their hearts content to create the ultimate straw maze and then watch as they suck their drinks through it, then re-shape and try it all over again.

Okay, it may be a little distracting, but we all need to have some fun from time to time.  The parts are also safe to be run through the dishwasher and are non-toxic.  






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