Streetbank: Won't You Be My Neighbour?

Do you know where your neighbours? Many of us move in, keep to ourselves and never get to know each other until we cross paths by coincidence. In movies and TV, friendly neighbourhood people may drop by with cookies or casserole when someone new moves to the street, but that just doesn't happen enough in real life these days. One business has decided to put a stop to that by helping people connect.

Streetbank is a UK business which is designed to help break the nice between neighbours. Many of us want to extend the olive branch and do something nice but are intimated to go and knock on someone's door. What Streetbank does is eliminates that intimidation factor by allowing people to post things that they'd like help with. Neighbours feeling in the giving spirit can log-on, find people in their area, and volunteer to do a good deed. It brings neighbours together and breaks down some of the barriers. Of course, what the website doesn't have is a section for those who would like their neighbours to ease off a little bit; once you form a bond, there's no going back!

Via: Springwise

Aug 11, 2010
by Anonymous

This sounds cool! I live in

This sounds cool! I live in loft apartment building with lots of interesting artsy people and while I've met many of them, I know there are so many more who would be interesting to know.

BTW, I think you meant "Intimidated" here
"but are intimated to go and knock"