Stress Fuelled Lamp Conserves Energy And Dissipates Rage

The new Stress Buster lamp concept from Saravanan Nagasundaram lets you take your rage and use it to power your lights.


Nagasundaram’s concept comes from the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy isn’t something you can just go around destroying; it can only change forms. The Stress Buster is intended to take the stress we regularly feel during our daily lives and transform it into something useful. In this case – power.


There are currently two concepts on the books for the Stress Buster, a tall lamp and a squeeze ball, each of which are covered in a piezoelectric layer that will store energy when physical force is applied. The tall version of the Stress Buster looks a great deal like a combination punching and kicking bag, and no surprise – that’s how it’s supposed to be used.

Aggression: light it up.Aggression: light it up.


When a stressed-out worker returns home after a long day grinding away at the office, full of stewing juices thanks to poor management and low pay, they can simply slip into something more comfortable and start wailing away on their light fixtures. The more the lamp is kicked, punched and generally abused the greater the amount of charge that will be stored and the brighter the lamp will glow.


The balls, meanwhile, can act as emergency lights when they are played with, bounced, or squeezed and also come with a power outlet socket to transfer their energy into more conventional forms.

Stress balls: now with extra energy.Stress balls: now with extra energy.


Stress is something that most of us are terrible at avoiding but that can be fairly crippling if we let it build up inside. Thankfully, Nagasundaram and his Stress Buster lamps are there to take our rage and our beatings and glow softly in thanks and response.


Source: Tech Vina