Stretch a Dollar in a Fashionable Baby Way

Babies grow more quickly than our bank accounts, which is why the innovative  Add a Size garment extender is a great idea when your wallet can’t keep up with your little one’s growth.

Just when you thought you found that special onesie, perfect in both comfort and design, baby decides to have a growth spurt. Plenty of new moms can relate to such a dilemma, and especially in the first two years, parents find themselves constantly sifting through the sales racks on a search for durable clothing that won’t cost a fortune.

Extend the Life of Those Closet EssentialsExtend the Life of Those Closet Essentials

That’s where the baby garment extenders come in, sold by such popular websites as Amazon . Designed to fit most standard onesies, these easy snap-ons add an extra 3-4 inches of room for your growing kiddo.

Growing Along with BabyGrowing Along with Baby

A ten pack costs under $22, so why not give them a try the next time your family has a growth spurt? While this is a great and affordable product, be on the lookout for the fine print. Some extenders will not fit certain stores’ onesie designs, namely Baby Gap and Old Navy. Always check out the product description before purchasing.

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May 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Error in post

"A ten pack costs under $12..."

Actually, the Amazon listing is $10.99 for a six pack, not ten.

May 20, 2008
by Tammy
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correction acknowledgment

Thanks for the note of correction.


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