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Stretch Your Back Without Hanging Upside Down!

Hanging upside down goes to my head - literally.  All my sinuses fill up on that inversion table contraption.  But here comes the Gentle Motion Back Stretching Device that relieves lower and mid-back pain without making you inhale the carpet!


Gentle Motion Back Stretching DeviceGentle Motion Back Stretching Device


Face it.  We all need a gadget like this.  Sitting, standing, doing anything for most of the day, makes your back stiff and sore.  With the Gentle Motion Stretcher, you just kneel and bend right at the hip joint and slowly shift your body weight forward, and then back.  You can adjust the tension on the Stretcher that is comfortable for you. At the waist and shoulders the Stretcher has cushy supports to keep your body from the discomfort of feeling the steel frame jab you.

.... What interested me about the Gentle Motion Back Stretching Device is that there are study results available related to its effectiveness.  At the University of Western Australia , the stretcher helped reduce back pain and stiffness, as well as improve the lifestyle of the test patients, after only three weeks of use.  It's also been approved by the FDA.

The Stretcher can accommodate up to 350 pounds of person and, itself, weighs only 23 pounds. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer where all products come with a lifetime guarantee.


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