Strip Of Meat: New Zealand’s Naked Catering Company

Strip of Meat might sound like a Steakhouse, but it's an entirely different type of company based in New Zealand. While food is one thing that's on the menu, the main part of their business concept is based on something else that's drool-worthy!

Strip of MeatStrip of Meat

Strip of Meat is all about nudity. Yes, we've seen plenty of businesses of this sort lately, but with a name like this as part of their marketing plan; they offer something that just can't be passed over. Despite appearances, they do not offer adult entertainment per say; they are a catering company with a dress code that involves a lot of skin.

Naked CateringNaked Catering

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Nov 30, 2009
by Anonymous

An addendum to my comment.

Sorry, I meant to say I didn't have the figures for New Zealand to hand, so I don't know where in the world 'ranking' you come, but unless nudity is commonplace on your beaches and in your parks, you are unlikely to have rates as low as Germany, Denmark or some other European nations. The correlation is that strong!

Brian Taylor (again)