A Stroke of Genius Helps Stroke Victims

The next time you think teenagers today are unmovtivated or wasting their life, talk to Henry Evans.

Having suffered a stroke five years ago, he has been unable to walk or speak. However, he has been given the gift of communication back to him since the invention of the "Laser Finger" changed his life for the better.

Sponsored by MIT, an annual teen inventors' exposition is used to motivate and inspire the future inventors of the world. It is directed by Joshua Schuler and is called InvenTeams.

The Laser Finger was developed by Daniel Shaffer of Palo Alto, California. The laser is mounted to a baseball hat and is triggered by motion, such as a movement of the head. When the laser hits sensors on a myriad of household items, it works as a hand and does the job for the invalid. These jobs can include turning on the TV, turning off a light, along with many other things.

Palo Alto Student InventorsPalo Alto Student Inventors

Teenagers both internationally and domestically are discovering the rewards of expanding their knowledge and imagining up tools and devices the world has yet to discover. Programs like like InvenTeams by MIT help to give them a shot at innovator stardom, and also provide them the opportunity to make the world a better place to be.

Tamara Warta