Stroke's Extra Leg: Leg Warmers Designed To Protect Your Pants

The leg warmers of the 80's and the most recent decade where the style has made an appearance are designed more for fashion than function, although they do offer some level of warmth as promised by their name. Stroke's Extra Leg is similar in design, but it serves a very different purpose that is more about function than fashion.

Stroke's Extra LegStroke's Extra Leg

Stroke's Extra Leg is a pants protector, perhaps not quite so geeky as the pocket protector, it serves the same fundamental purpose; keeping your pants clear of unwanted stains and substances or rips and tears during bike commutes through inclement weather conditions. Instead of tucking your pant legs into your socks, you can use Stroke's Extra Leg to protect your pants, which comes in 3 sturdy designs of black denim, blue denim and white denim. The design might not be fashionable but it is discreet and serves the purpose of allowing bicycle commuters to leave the embarrassment of tucking their pants into their socks and still managing to get them dirty as a distant memory.