Stroller-Scooter Looks Ill-Advised in Every Possible Way


I've seen a number of stroller bikes, but this is the first (and probably last) scooter. The idea of a new mother still recovering from childbirth skating her baby around on a scooter is kind of funny. In fact, the only thing funnier would be a woman skating a stroller around without a baby in it. ^^^^ Of course, it's also pretty terrifying. 

Maybe it's just because my own tenure on a scooter ended when I was 13 and I went flying five feet into the air, tearing a huge gash in my elbow, but a scooter just doesn't seem like the safest vehicle to transport a newborn in. Nor does it seem like a vehicle that many moms would be too keen on wheeling around on, unless of course they were all dressed up in their Sunday skirt and flats. Again ^^^ WTF? 

The stroller is just a prototype so the baby world is safe from its menacing ways--for now. Designed by  Valentin Vodev, it's officially called the Roller Buggy. According to its designer, the utmost in safety precaution has been taken in its design. It includes an extra safety belt to ensure the baby is stable and doesn't move--like say when mommy hits a pot hole and sends baby tumbling face first toward the sidewalk, he'll have no way of moving to prevent the oncoming pavement. It also includes hydraulic front brakes on the front wheels only, which from my experience on a bicycle, could be another factor causing the stroller to flip forwards--hopefully they engineered around this tendency. 

For those that think baby-scootering is absolutely ridiculous, the scooter platform can be reconfigured, turning it into a regular stroller. You'll have to use at your own (baby's) risk.

Oh Gizmo via Dvice