Strollometer Helps New Moms Regain Their Pre-Pregnancy Shape


With all of the magazine covers featuring celebs who have given birth only weeks before and are now back in bikini shape, there is a lot of pressure on new moms to get back to their pre-pregnancy form.  A popular practice, as of late, has been stroller clubs.  These involve a group of new moms with the common goal of getting back into shape or staying fit, going for walks while pushing their kids in the stroller.  Sometimes there are even special exercises and stretching involved using the stroller for stability and/or resistance.

However, if you have tried this method of post-pregnancy exercise and just have not seen the results you were hoping for or cannot seem to keep yourself motivated then there is a new gadget that may help.  The Strollometer is a device that tracks all aspects of your strolling routine.  The device comes with a back wheel sensor that counts the rotations of the wheel.  On the display portion of the gadget moms can check their speed, distance travelled, time spent exercising, average and maximum speeds, the temperature outside and the time.

Once the strolling session is over moms can enter the data on the distributor site,, and see their results in terms of calories burned.  Hey, if you can’t afford a personal trainer and in-home chef then you may as well give this a try.   

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