Strut your Geek Chic with these Game Controller Cufflinks

The term "Geek Chic" used to refer primarily to the act of dressing like a dork for the sake of...irony, perhaps? I'm not entirely certain, though I feel like the fashion probably started with hipsters. Certainly, a nerdy fashion style and the hipster aesthetic share a lot in common. 

Thankfully, the arena of geek fashion has evolved far beyond the domain of pretentious, pabst-sipping sods. Geek Chic is no longer a self-referential term used by people who are trying to sound like intellectuals. Rather, it's a wide, all-ecompassing term which incorporates a wide array of fashion and design choices. Far from being something ironic, it's a celebration of all things geeky. Today, I'd like to hit you with a dose of that geeky fashion:

Video game controller cufflinks. 

Handcrafted by Etsy's BazingaJewelry, these nifty little accessories are evidently made from high-grade silver and feature from "a crystal clear glass dome that enhances the artwork." They're pretty much the perfect way to identify yourself as a geek (if that's your thing). They're subtle enough that most people won't notice them. For those few who do, they'll serve as a great conversation starter (particularly with similarly-inclined individuals).

Each set sells for about $20 USD. 

Granted, most people don't really wear cufflinks too often anymore outside of special occasions(which is a damned shame). For those few who do, however, these nifty little pieces of jewelry will make for a great fashion statement, and will very probably serve as a temptation for some folks to find an excuse to wear them. I know I want to.

At this point, there's only one question left to ask: what's your poison as a player? Which cufflinks are most appealing to you?