Stuck Up Magnets - Just Stick It!

If you are a parent, chances are pretty good your refrigerator is plastered with all sorts of photographs, pictures, reminders and various bits of information.  So finding that perfect magnet to secure those precious memories and mementos on the fridge door is pretty important.

Stuck Up MagnetsStuck Up Magnets

The Stuck Up Magnets may be just what you are looking for.  Guaranteed to be a conversation starter, these "rude and chewed" magnets look like the real thing!  In fact, they look identical to ABC, Already Been Chewed, gum.  They come in four delicious flavors - spearmint, peppermint, bubble gum and fruit.  

These would make great gag gift for teachers, without the sticky mess.  Just imagine putting a few of these on the teacher's desk or file cabinet!   Designed by Winnif Pang, the non-edible four-pack retails for under $5. 

 Source and Photo:  Amazon


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