Stuck On You This Valentine’s Day: Velcro His & Hers Heart Thong Set

For some couples, romance and independence do not go hand-in-hand; for others, it's all about mittens built for two or dual snuggies. For the couples who aren't so much into the mushy stuff, but still want to stick together on Valentine's Day, here's something that will heat things up!

Matching Valentine's ThongsMatching Valentine's Thongs

These thongs are all about a little bit of fun on Valentine's Day with the Velcro red hearts that stick to each other when you get up close and personal with the person wearing the matching pair. Sure, they might just be cheesy enough to say that your hearts are always connected - but in this case, it gets much raunchier than that!!

Velcro Heart ThongVelcro Heart Thong