Studio Nommo Rocks the House with Their Ultra-Funky Wallpaper

I am totally impressed by these unique and ballsy wallpapers that are very boldly and unapologetically just what they are. Whoever can seamlessly work these into their décor is definitely a master of interiors, in my book. I mean, I can maneuver a faux finish into the overall scheme of things just fine, but to let a wallpaper dominate the whole scenario requires a bit of surrender as well as some serious design panache which, I confess, I might not confidently possess at this point. It's like a more permanent fashion statement. One that you have to look at every day. I mean, really. Do you want to look at a graphic of a mayo bottle every time you sit down for a meal? Or perhaps have an ever-changing wall of empty frames in which to draw, or empty quote bubbles to fill? Well, maybe you do. And if that's the case, then you will find just that over yonder at Istanbul-based Studio Nommo, along with a wealth of other creative patterns to satisfy your taste for over-the top funky design.

Found via swissmiss

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