Studio Verissimo Recycles Plastic Spoons into Furniture

Everyday when I grab that plastic utensil to use on my salad bar lunch from my local organic grocery store, I can't help but grimace at the thought of how many seconds that spoon or fork will actually spend in my hand before inevitably making its way to the landfill.  I bring my own spoon to work for my breakfast yogurt, but if I add more to that mix I'm sure it will only result in a veritable smorgasbord of cutlery built up in my handbag, with none left in my silverware drawer at home when I need it.  Need a pen?  Oh, shoot, that's a fork. Short of carrying a permanent set of silverware with you at all times, this kind of waste is seemingly unavoidable, to a certain extent. 

On the quixotic quest towards eco-friendly living, Studio Verissimo have constructed 'Spoon Collection '09',  a series of tables and a hanging lampshade from red plastic disposable spoons.   Recycled furniture often has that distinct flavor of being just that -- a kind of half-cocked, obvious reinterpretation of something that had a wholly different use originally -- but this series, with its bold red frenetic configuration and simple geometry, could be comfortably at home in the sleekest of minimal, eco-friendly abodes.  Additionally, you can find several spoon-friendly designs and thoughtful concepts in their collection, and this 'Spoon Collection '09' is available in varying sizes and your choice of standard cutlery color. A statement, indeed. 

Studio Verissimo via Cube Me