Study Claims Smarter Men Have Healthier Sperm

People say that men don’t often think with the head on their shoulders. Well, those people may be right as a new study shows that smarter men have healthier sperm.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico have discovered that men scoring high on intelligence tests also had high numbers of healthy sperm. On the other side, low scores on intelligence tests showed that those men had fewer sperm as well as unhealthy sperm.

Geoffrey Miller, evolutionary psychologist from the University of New Mexico, states: “It's not necessarily that the same genes are influencing sperm quality and intelligence. Rather, the two traits could be linked through a tangled web of biological and environmental interactions that has evolved to help women pick a mate.”

By analyzing data from 1985, Miller was assessing the after-effects of the Vietnam War when he came across this sperm-intelligence connection.

In the data he analyzed, 4,402 veterans participated in three days of physical and mental testing, and 425 provided sperm samples. Miller and his team looked for a statistical link between men's sperm counts and motility and their scores on several tests of verbal and arithmetic intelligence.

While the connections between intelligence and sperm were not more pronounced, they are still highly significant.

“I'm thinking of intelligence as being quite closely related to individual fitness,” says Miller. “About half of our genes are switched on in the brain, so intelligence might provide women with a rough but handy read-out of mutations in our genomes.”

So there you have it, ladies! Time to get out and scour the bookstores, colleges, and libraries to find those smart men willing to offer you their healthy sperm.


Source: dailymail