Study Finds Guys Aren’t That Into Girls Who Drink

Try not to drink this much when going out on a date.Try not to drink this much when going out on a date.

Sometimes when on a date with someone new, you may drink to relax a little. However, one drink may turn into five or even more than that. While drinking may loosen you up a little to have fun, a new study says that guys would rather a girl not drink when out with them.

A survey of 3,616 college students – 62 percent were women – found that women greatly overestimated the amount of alcohol a guy wanted them to drink. The women answered questions about their drinking behavior and also their thoughts on what they thought a college man would want them to drink. The men were asked about their preferences of drinking when being with a friend, date or girlfriend.

“Although traditionally, men drink more than women, research has shown that women have steadily been drinking more and more over the last several decades,” said the study’s lead author, Joseph LaBrie, associate professor of psychology at LMU. “Our research suggests women believe men find excessive drinking sexually attractive and appealing, but it appears this is a giant misperception.”

The research actually showed that 71 percent of the women thought that men wanted them to drink excessively.

As for the rest of the results, 26 percent of the women thought men wanted to be friends with a woman that drinks five or more drinks, while 17 percent of the women would be the most sexually attracted to a woman that drank five or more drinks.

While those were the results of the women’s answers, they were nearly doubled what the men actually preferred.

“The message to college girls is: Hey, your perceptions about what you think men want in a date, a friend or a sexual hookup are not very accurate,” said LaBrie. “Guys don't want girls who drink a lot.”

So just remember, ladies. If you think a guy is going to think you’re sexy for excessively drinking; you’re wrong. Put down the alcohol and have fun being yourself.

This study was published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.


Source: Loyola Marymount University Press Release

Mar 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Something's wrong with this study

It doesn't take into account that women don't want men who drink that much (either), that generally men tend to drink to find the courage to talk to or dance with a woman, and that men are likely to buy women drinks. That last may be why women think men want them to drink excessively.

Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


this study is absolutely correct. i dont want a girl all shitty up in my face trying to kiss me goodnight. i had a good friend that i was talking to about this verry subject the other day. he had a girl that he took out and she drank WAYYY to much durring the night and when he was kissing her goodnight she threw up allllllllllll inside his mouth... completly disgusting. women cant drink as much as us... we metabolize it completly diffrent. so please STOP trying to drink like men... you dont look like a lady doing it and trust me we WANT a femanine women... not one of the dudes... have you ever wondered why the tom-boys never get laid?!?!?! we like french tips and mannicures and high heals and big curls... please learn your lesson.