Study Proves Men Less Choosy When It Comes To One Night Stands


A team of psychologists at Brunel University in the UK conducted research comparing the physical standards required by men and women when in came to casual sex.   If this research was conducted in the U.S., I'd say it was a great candidate for the Golden Fleece award.

The Brunel researchers asked 427 college males and 433 college females from the US, Germany and Italy (why not the UK?) whether if asked by a member of the opposite sex described as 1) slightly unattractive, 2) moderately attractive, or 3) exceptionally attractive, they would be more likely to go out, go to the person's apartment, or go to bed with them.

The results led to the conclusion that men were more likely to accept the offer of a woman who was attractive than one who was slightly unattractive, but when it came to distinctions between the moderately attractive woman and the exceptionally attractive woman there was not much difference.  Women, on the other hand, showed a higher standard for having casual sex, as they might consider going to bed with a man for casual sex only if he was exceptionally handsome.

So, tell us something we didn't know....

Well, there were some mildly interesting cultural differences among men... or maybe not; I'll let you decide.  Italian men were the most likely to go to bed with the requestor than either the American or German men.  But German men were the least likely to go out with, go to the requestor's apartment, or go to bed with any of the women  Hmm.

The study is published in the journal, Human Nature.


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