St-Walkers Stumble-Free Stiletto Suspenders

There's nothing worse than the Cinderella Syndrome where your heel comes straight out of your stiletto and you walk out of it, or worse yet, twist an ankle. When you've carefully selected shoes to go right along with an outfit, there's no worse disaster that can happen. Okay, well that may be a bit melodramatic, but regardless, there's now a fashionable solution.

Stiletto SuspenderStiletto Suspender

The St-Walkers (pronounced 'street walkers' for a little tongue-in-cheek joke) Stumble-Free Stiletto Suspenders are designed to ensure that your heel stays put where it should in your heels. With them, you'll have no more mishaps since a suspender attached to your ankle connects to your shoe in order to ensure that everything stays in place. These are of course visible, so they're designed to be classy and adorned with bows and crystals. This innovative fashion product was designed and patented by a UK bridal shoe maker

Device Prevents Heel SlippingDevice Prevents Heel Slipping

Via: DailyMail