Style Your Fashionable Wardrobe After Your Favorite Virtual Avatars

Virtual worlds like Second Life are growing in popularity, which allow people to express themselves through custom avatars. Even many online Poker and Casino sites allow people to create themselves in virtual form, but is there a way for avatar and fashion in the real world to collide?

Lets get right to the point; avatar fashion doesn't have to remain in the virtual world, it can step outside to see the light of reality. Whether you fall in love with fashion you see on Second Life, on your favorite SIMS, or while playing at your favorite virtual poker room, it is possible to turn it into tangible fashion with Spreadshirt.

With Spreadshirt, consumers can choose a base fashion product (some form of shirt-like apparel) then choose logos available on the website, create their own, or upload them from their favorite avatars that way it comes to life. With Spreadshirt, you can have a well-dressed virtual you, and translate that over to your everyday fashionable wardrobe!