Want To Style Your Sneakers? Customize With U-Lace

U-Lace mix and match lacesU-Lace mix and match laces

Everyone wants their look to be theirs, and their's alone. I don't know about you, but I'm always a little disappointed when someone walks into the room wearing the exact same pair of shoes as me. Now, there is a brand new product called U-Lace which allows you to customize your sneakers so that your unique style stays uniquely your own. 

U-Lace is a set of shoelaces that are elastic and up to five and a half inches long. Because they stretch, it is easy to lace them across different eyelets in an unlimited amount of patterns. You can criss-cross them, make stripes, or lace them diagonally across your shoe. The packages come with examples and directions for lace options, but feel free to mix it up and create your own.

U-Lace colorsU-Lace colors

U-Lace shoe laces come in tons of colors. Now your shoes can match your outfit , your mood, or your favorite team on game day. Your sweet kicks will perfectly relfect who you are. As U-Lace says, it's your world so color it.

U-Lace encourages you to be a creative, sneaker styling guru, and with their laces, you can be. We always want to customize our look, using our style as an expression of our individuality. Now, with U-Laces, it's really easy to customize your wardrobe from head down to your toes. 

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