Stylin', Smilin' & Hi-Risin': 10 Donk Cars Of The People Of Walmart

What's a donk, you ask? Ideally it's a vintage 1970s Chevy Impala (a high-falutin' kind of donkey) sedan with a jacked-up suspension, glittery jumbo wheels and a wild, often commercially-inspired paint job. Where does one drive such a beast? To Walmart, of course!         

Piece Out

Hopefully the driver of this rockin' donk hasn't got a peanut allergy 'cause this piece of Reese's is as nutty as it gets. Candy-licious looks aside, how does it drive? Smooth, very smooth.

Mario's Kart

Either Nintendo's copyright-enforcement department knows about the above donk-mobile or they're just wishing it would go away fast... and furious.    

Sweet Ride

We'd make a Hershey Highway reference here but that would be in poor taste – unlike the exceptionally tasteful donked-out Olds Cutlass above.     

Sesame's Treat

Yo dawg, I heard you wanted to count donked cars at Walmart so we put The Count on your donked car so you can count along wit' The Count!

The Heartbeat Of Anime

Pretty in pink? Well, like, that's just your opinion, man! And we use the word “man” loosely here 'cause if you're driving this donked & Kittified big Chevy than you've already handed in your man card.    

Free Hugs

Sorry, that's HugGIES and you'd better bet they're not free. This customizer evidently couldn't decide between low-profile donk tires and the full-out monster truck look. Solution: why not both? 

One In A Minion

Minions of donk drivers can't be wrong... or can they? This late-model donk isn't all that despicable regardless of its painted-on messaging, so maybe the owner's alluding to their driving skills (or lack thereof).         

Cereal Killer

Are Irish people offended by this screamin' scarlet donkmobile? Put another way, is anyone from anywhere NOT offended?        

Booty Full

Nicki Minaj is a fashion icon (so says Wikipedia)... this car, not so much. Be thankful you're only viewing an image and not “enjoying” the song stylings of the notorious Nicki you just know are blasting from this donked Magnum's big-ass sound system.   


This driver's not much of a family guy if he drives a two-seat El Camino, amiright? Then again, if your family was anything like Peter Griffin's family you wouldn't want to ride with them either.   

Thanks and a tip of the cap as well to People of Walmart, the hard-working source of these all-too-real images you only WISH were 'shopped!