If You Need Them, Flaunt Them! 4Occhi Fashion Eyewear

If anyone could make a work of art out of a measuring spoon, it would be industrial design master Guilio Iachetti... and he has! Iachetti creates art out of the ordinary tools we use every day. Best known for his ultra-modern table and kitchen ware, Iachetti's designs are captivating and practical. And so is his new departure into fashion eyeglass frames: 4Occhi!




4Occhi are not sunglass flips; they are actually two pair of glasses in one frame. Instead of flipping the shades down, you turn the entire frame upside down. You can choose any lenses you wish, sunshades or clear, any tint, any prescriptions. I can imagine all kinds of colorful tints in the 4Occhi... but I digress. They're neat enough, just eliminating the need to carry two pairs of eyeglasses.

Iachetti designed the 4Occhi for Aspési 1910 . For information about purchasing the 4Occhi, email info@4occhi.it.

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Source: Guilio Iachetti, Notcot

Nov 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Your spelling is wrong

Giulio Iacchetti