Stylish Home Humidifier Comes With Cute Matching Remote Control

The 'Middle Colors Supersonic Wave Type Humidifier', to give it its full name, shows off a curvy, organic shape that's reflected in its almost too cute for words matching remote control.

Japan may be exceptionally hot & humid in the summer (Tokyo, at least) but winter is a different story and stylish, silent, ultrasonic humidifiers are a popular home and office accessory. The 'Middle Colors Supersonic Wave Type Humidifier' is one of the best-looking Japanese humidifiers around but be sure to get the right one, as there are a few slightly different models to choose from.

The all-star in the Middle Colors lineup has to be the Long Type humidifier that comes with a matching remote control. Although its only available in four pastel colors - white, pink, green and grey - the 28.8cm (11.5") tall Long Type does have that tiny "playful" remote that shares its parent's curvy teardrop shape and color. 

The three buttons that protrude from the remote, making it look somewhat like a small snowman, control the Power, Strength and Run Time (2 hours, 4 hours or continuously). The humidifier itself holds 0.8 litres (about 0.2 gallons) of water and will run for up to 8 hours when filled and set at maximum strength. Get yours from Japan Trend Shop for $159 each plus $34 for worldwide shipping.

In the U.S., Crane makes a similar stylish humidifer available in many colors at several retailers including here at Amazon.

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