Styrofoam Couch Takes DIY to the Next Level

I know that Styrofoam serves many purposes, like cushioning fragile items in transport as well as possibly aiding and abetting in the degradation of the environment (more of a side effect than an intention), but Korean designer Kwangho Lee takes it a giant step further by going so far as to create a couch out of this useful albeit controversial material.

Perfect for moving dayPerfect for moving day

Nice pillowsNice pillows

Now, I'm not in any mood to get my panties into an environmental bunch about this because it's only a concept and really, I can't imagine any great Styrofoam sofa craze sweeping through the populace, creating a compelling demand for production.  And technically, I guess Lee is recycling - I mean, he made the couch from old sheets of the stuff, but just seems a bit amiss, if only in principle.  Aside from that, what kind of bizarre design statement would that make in one's living room?  A bit of DIY is plenty cool, but this might be pushing the envelope. The artist also notes that the longer you sit on it, the warmer it gets, due to the intrinsic characteristics of polystyrene thermal insulation.  Two words: Be afraid!

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