Subaru Confirms Production of FT-86 Concept Car

The sports car parented by both Toyota and Subaru has been in and out of the spotlight since first being announced late last year. Now, Subaru has made it official that they will be producing their own version of the new concept that will be "Distinctly Subaru."

The announcement was made at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, with the automaker also saying the concept has not been confirmed for delivery to the US. While currently being referred to as the Toyota FT-86, the Subaru badged variant will likely be similar to the Impreza WRX, rather than the "Next Supra" as some have dubbed the FT-86.

Interestingly enough, Subaru has been in charge of a majority of the powertrain engineering and suspension components. They will also be in charge of building both the Toyota and Subaru version of the FT-86.

It is also expected that Subaru will be using their ever popular turbocharged horizontally-opposed "boxer" 4-cylinder engine to drive the upcoming concept. It is not yet official if Toyota will also be using a Subaru boxer, which is what the concept originally debuted with, or if they will use one of their own.

Neither concept is expected to hit the streets within the next year or two.

Dec 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Id drive this nice

Id drive this, maybe Toy should name this Supra 3 or 4 for Toy Supra models that came out since late 70s to 1990s model
Needs Aero Body Package & wider wheels.

Manumatic would be nice Option.