Subway Grocery Store Offers Commuter Convenience

I can't be the only one in the world that feels like grocery shopping is a burden nine times out of ten. After a long day of work, the last thing I feel like doing is spending an hour engaging in shopping cart wars and getting stuck behind someone unfolding dozens of coupons at the register. And, as it turns out, I'm not alone in that feeling at all - at least, not according to the innovative commerce solution that's on the rails in Korea.

Korea Subway: (Commuter pic, no copyright)Korea Subway: (Commuter pic, no copyright)

Of course, I mean that literally; the part about the innovative business concept that's on the rails that is. Korea has a major mass transit system and now on select subway cars, commuters can pick up the necessary ingredients for that night's dinner prep.

Currently, it appears as though the complete grocery setup only appears on a single train car. But as no formal publicity materials for this innovative concept can be found (at least none that are written in English), its existence was only discovered by a traveller using Seoul's underground transit. So sadly, we just don't know if the prices have a significant markup compared to what you'd pay at a normal market, what their hours are, or if their product changes as fast as the stations do.

While it is a very interesting concept, it might not be one that would survive  in North America. After all, who knows how this type of environment could violate health codes for selling fresh, sensitive product. Or, Americans may fear that this isn't a safe way to grocery shop at minimum. 

What is interesting is that the subway as a shopping venue has been popular in Korea recently, with QR code virtual shopping interfaces also setup in stations. Someone clearly wanted to implement a successful concept garnering attention in a more traditional way. 

 What do you think? Is this a business concept you would appreciate for ease of shopping, even if it is for items other than fresh grocery products?

 Via:Rocket News 24 

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