Sub-Zero Ninja: Talus Cold Avenger Balaclava

I've had the Talus Cold Avenger for about two years now. The idea behind it is that the medical grade plastic breathing apparatus warms the incoming air and keeps you breathing safely in cold weather. And with the large ventilator, it eases the fogging on your goggles. Plus, it looks pretty damn nasty.

But not as nasty as its big, burly brother the Cold Avenger Expedition Balaclava. This thing wraps around your entire head making you as intimidating as a samurai. And it provides as much warmth as your face will get without hurling it into a firepit. Add a dark pair of goggles, and you've just gone into stealth mode, my friend. 

The balaclava is made from Polartech Wind Pro Fleece. It's designed to keep you 40 to 60 degrees F warmer than the outside cold, so you'll be feeling Caribbean even in backcountry AK. 

You'll find other mean-looking balaclavas--but none with that Darth-Vader-like ventilator sewn front and center. 

The Cold Avenger Expedition has been on the market for a while now (70 bucks), but I just happened to see it at the Outdoor Retailer trade show and thought I'd share. Because it's sheer toughness.You can pick yours up on Amazon here.

 Pair this thing with a Ninja Suit and Transcend goggles and James Bond will be chasing YOU.  

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