Designer Logos: If You Can’t Wear Them, Lick Them

If "clothes make the man," many men and women are out of luck in these dark economic times. Only those who don’t rely on the stability of the stock market, the banks, or the old homefront can afford to buy the real Yves St. Laurent or Gucci ware. But photographer Massimo Gammacurta suggests that if we can’t wear signs of success, maybe we can lick them....

Designer logo lollipops, created in delicious flavors and rich-looking textures just call on you to lick them.

Here's this season's Louis Vuitton logo in "Watermelon Slice."



And Chanel is so tonguey this season, in Lucious Lilac. (I'm a sucker for Chanel.)




Yves St. Laurent? Wild Cherry is quite au courant and YSL has an extra letter in his logo to lick! Oh, Chanel is giving us an exclusive sneak peak at Green Apple, Chanel's taste of Fall, 2009.



Hey, Chanel has nothing on Gucci. Here Gucci's sneak peak: a Juicy Pomegranate logo to match its Fall clothing line.  Oh, jeez I want to lick that so bad... but wait. YSL is offering caramel. Which to lick, which to lick?



via Trends Now