FingerTrap Bags Suck Like No Other Handbag

Thanks to designer James Piatt, gone are the days when we have to grasp objects with our fingers. This is great news, because frankly all that holding onto stuff was wearing me out.

The FingerTrap handbag is sleek, stylish, attaches itself to your fingers like a leech, and means you’ll never have to shake hands with anyone ever again. You simply walk around with a 3lb dead weight hanging off your fingertips.

The design evolved from the Chinese finger trap, which is a kind of puzzle that attaches to your fingers and restricts movement. The harder you pull to free your fingers, the tighter the restraint becomes.

Not only is this a metaphor for problem solving - relax, and the solution will reveal itself – very eastern mystical – but it’s also how the FingerTrap handbag stays attached to your fingers. It tightens from the pull of the weight? 

To get it off, you just relax. Like how Hermione escaped from Devil’s Snare in the first Harry Potter movie.

So if you’re someone who’s a little uptight or generally stressed out, you may want to think twice about getting one of these handbags. You may never get it off.

Feb 8, 2013
by Anonymous

this is really a funny idea.

this is really a funny idea. I can't imagine using it as it would be so inconvenient.