Suggestive Geek T-Shirt: Come Play My Video Game!

We all know those women that take any opportunity they can to flaunt their goods. Any holiday, particularly Halloween, presents the opportunity to wear as few pieces of clothing as possible. Holidays might present the opportunity for the more outgoing modern women to show off; but what about those geeks who want to be suggestive in their own right?

Suggestive Video Game T-ShirtSuggestive Video Game T-Shirt

Ask around, female geeks are attractive to many men. Whether they wear glasses, always have their nose in a book, or have a big interest in writing code; they've just got it. These women don't always dress like they stepped off a runway. Sometimes, they're most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans to accompany their spectacles. That doesn't mean they don't want the chance to flaunt it too, which is where the idea for a suggestive geek t-shirt came up.

Yup, this t-shirt does have a giant controller printed on the front. That might not be all that significant, but the button placement is. In case a geeky girl's geeky guy needs a little assistance, there are even arrows with instruction for finger placement just in case they don't get it. Geeky gals who wear this t-shirt won't just have a chance to flaunt it; they might just get as much lovin' as their guys' favorite video games at the same time.

Via: TechnaBob

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