Suit Of Inverted Puppies Puts Dogs Into Your Style

Think fashion has gone to the dogs? You are correct sir! This outrageous outfit on sale at the Laforet Harajuku Department Store and Museum in Tokyo, Japan, adds a diagonal row of upside-down puppies to a snazzy black pinstriped suit.

Japan-blogger extraordinaire Jonelle Patrick discovered this suite suit standing – actually, OUTstanding – in a row of clothed mannikins sporting menswear for the coming season. While the other outfits were striking in their own ways, the so-called “Puppy Suit” takes the pitch and knocks it out of the park.

There's not much to tell about the suit and in this case that's OK: the whole “one picture's worth a thousand words” thing definitely applies. Even so, what info is known is well worth telling.

For one thing, it's no surprise the suit was displayed at the Laforet Harajuku Department Store and Museum in Tokyo's Shibuya district. Harajuku is well known internationally for being the epicenter of Japan's trend-setting style. Even the iconic, cylindrically-shaped building that houses Laforet plays the game; its exterior being regularly remodeled to reflect the sense of novelty.

The Suit, however, immediately impresses even though its surrounded by styles designed to grab the eye... ouch! Slim in format right down to the trouser cuffs, the two-piece ensemble's deepest midnight black background is tempered by vertical pinstripes resembling lines of white chalk.

It's what comes next, though, that sends the suit into previously unknown realms of awesomeness: a diagonal line of 8 short-haired white puppies extends down the suit's front from the right shoulder to the outside of the left knee. Last but not least, the puppy dogs are inverted: if you can't believe what you're seeing, why not refuse to believe you're seeing it upside down?