Suitcase Stickers Will Help You Get To Know Airport Security Personnel On A More Intimate Level

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the backrooms of airports like LaGuardia? Does the idea of a full cavity search turn you on? Or are you the type of person who thinks wearing a Free Moustache Rides t-shirt to a job interview is a great idea? If you find yourself in any of these categories, then Suitcase Stickers are the perfect travel accessory for you.

Wow! I can't believe I got all of that cocaine packed in there!Wow! I can't believe I got all of that cocaine packed in there!

Each Suitcase Sticker measures 16" x 12" and features an image that will raise eyebrows, if not more than a few security wands. One decal shows a damaged suitcase revealing a narcotics stash guaranteed to earn at least a 200-year prison sentence. If that is not enough, you can also choose from stickers revealing a bag stuffed with suspicious cash, a bound and gagged flight attendant, or (my personal favorite) a collection of sex toys that would make even Tiger Woods blush.

Excuse me, but I think I got the wrong suitcase...Excuse me, but I think I got the wrong suitcase...

And Suitcase Stickers will make it that much easier to distinguish your inconspicuous, black travel bag from the carousel of baggage clones . My Mom just tied orange yarn to the handle of her bag, but this seems a much more fun way to make new friends! And the distinctive decals absolutely guarantee that nobody else will take your suitcase by mistake.

Looks comfortable in there!Looks comfortable in there!

This might be a fun gag for baggage handlers, too. Imagine the stunned faces when the suitcase showing the cocaine drops through the baggage chute. Just one more reason to remember to tip you skycap.

I wonder how all of that cash got in there?I wonder how all of that cash got in there?

Suitcase Stickers will definitely provide chuckles, although it will take a very gutsy prankster to actually use this product in today's post-9/11 airport security environment. But maybe the time has come for this very innovation. After all, if we can't laugh while paying $45 per bag to stand in our socks and have our "illegal" shampoo bottles confiscated, then maybe the terrorists have indeed won!

EDITOR'S UPDATE: The suitcase stickers are no longer available from original merchant. You can find some suitcase stickers here and here.

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