The 'Summer Of Droid' Should Dispel Rumors Of The Verizon iPhone

Today, there were close to 1000 articles and blogs posted, anticipating the highly rumored news that Verizon might become Apple's second mobile carrier to AT&T, iPhone's exclusive telecom service to date. That much interest should be a red flag as to AT&T's service (or lack thereof).

However, with as many rumors come as many nay-sayers. According to the , "Verizon executives reportedly said that the company is not planning to carry Apple iPhone any time soon." For now considering the momentum of Google's Droid products, it appears that Verizon is pleased with Google's marketing clout and the amount of ad spend they are investing in their new "Summer of Droid" campaign which is garnering a lot of attention.

Google's lethal weapon is the Droid X, as it competes head-on with the ongoing hype and popularity of the iPhone 4. Their summer commercials (already on the air) features an edgy futuristic approach which appeals to a demographic that gravitates towards cutting-edge devices.

Folks who liked Verizon's mocking commercials are in for a surprise because this year’s campaign will apparently steer away from the iPhone and AT&T references completely. And instead will reinforce their new "Rule the Air" slogan.

Labeled the "superphone" (I'm sure Steve Jobs would have a few choice words about that), the Droid X has been singled out as the "best of the Droids" by reviewers testing the device.

Having gone on sale June 23, a day before the iPhone, the Droid X largely embodies the ongoing rivalry between Google's Android platform and Apple's iOS platform. According an Independent report in the UK, "the battle comes down to personal preference, and only long-term use will reveal a true winner."

Google naming the campaign "The Summer of Droid" was a brilliant move as its a great summer for smartphones in general with the HTC EVO and iPhone 4 launches at the same time. How the Droid X will distinguish itself is what Motorola calls "a pocket-sized home theater." With a 4.3 inch high-resolution display, HD video capture, full length video and movie downloads, streaming video, and Skype- the Droid X is a powerhouse of a competitor for the iPhone 4., a blog dedicated to the handset provides a hands-on guide that shows how to dissect the phone and discover what's inside.  The device became available for pre-order in the USA on June 25. It will go on sale on July 15 for $199.99 on a two-year contract.

With all this going for it, Verizon might be very content representing the Android line versus tipping its toe into the iPhone waters. While rumors will persist, I don't see this happening at all in 2010.

Now, the Summer of 2011 is another story entirely.

Jun 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Now for some price wars?

Now maybe we can see some price wars for Iphones & I phone service contracts alone.
Then more can get Iphones.
Radical idea.
but get the bugs out from droid phones first.