Summer Got You Hot Under The Collar? Try This New Cooling Scarf

Hot in the city, the country, you name it! The summer of 2010 is one of the hottest many can remember. Long-suffering citizens of Moscow, Dallas, Tokyo and other heat-stricken cities are wondering when record heat waves will ever end.

Since in these conditions even sitting quietly and wondering can make one sweat, the Magicool scarf from Daisaku Shoji can provide welcome cooling with very little effort. 

Priced at 699 yen (about $8.25) each, Magicool is made of a water-absorbent fabric that readily allows evaporation. The laws of physics dictate that water loses heat when moving from liquid to vapor and those wearing Magicool scarves are the beneficiaries of this cooling effect.

Magicool scarves can be used over and over again - simply dip in cool water, let any excess liquid drip away, and fasten loosely about the neck.

The scarf uses a velcro closure, enabling a "one size fits all" designation suitable kids, adults, men, women and the elderly. Ideal for women who find themselves getting all hot & bothered while doing housework - or so it would seem.

The Magicool scarf comes in a variety of colors and patterns including dark blue, light blue and camouflage. Also available are pink Hello Kitty and royal blue Japanese National Soccer Team logos. Pity you only have one neck. (via Walker Plus)