Sumo Wrestler's Blog Typifies Japan's Blogging Boom

Kotoshogiku: Sumo wrestler, Blogger, Man-about-town!Kotoshogiku: Sumo wrestler, Blogger, Man-about-town!

Blogging is a passion in Japan, to the point that if you DON'T have a blog, you're hopelessly behind the times. With 1.5 million new blog posts every day, even Sumo wrestlers have blogs - at least, top-level wrestler Kotoshogiku does.

I blog, therefore I am (Japanese)I blog, therefore I am (Japanese)

A recent report in the Yomiuri Shimbun revealed that there are more blogs in Japanese than in any other language - 37% vs 36% in English. Only a 1% lead to be sure, but there are only about 130 million Japanese speakers compared to 300 million plus who blog in English. The explanation for the Japanese blog explosion is said to lie in the reason Japanese write blogs, which is to act as daily diaries compared to English-language blogs which more often have a news focus.

Kotoshogiku's blog typifies this trend, as fans can get a glimpse into Sumo's formerly mysterious and cloistered world. I dunno though, for some things you WANT a little mystery...


Competition at the top rank builds a big appetite!

Typical of the new breed of Japanese bloggers is Kotoshogiku (real name Kazuhiro Kikutsugi). The 24-year-old Kotoshogiku boasts a 6-year record of 257-183-2 and weighs in at a very Sumo-like 360 lbs. (163 kg.). You'd think that Sumo wrestlers have enough to do during their average day, like eat, train, eat and later on, eat, but Kotoshogiku also takes the time to write about his daily routine in his blog.

After a traditional Japanese bath, a celebratory dessert!

We can't be completely sure whether it's actually Kotoshogiku typing in those daily blog posts or maybe one of his PA's, but either way, his blog offers a rare glimpse into the life and thoughts of a Sumo wrestler.  (images via

Mar 23, 2008
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