Sun Mask Towel: Great Idea?

Patent# US 7051371 is a Sun Mask Towel, which has good intentions but could easily backfire. This fabric towel mask designed for blocking or reflecting the ultraviolet rays of the sun renders for the wearer the appearance of being either a member of the Taliban or the Klan. The possibility of a life without the threat of ozone seems an elusive dream addressed by this rectangular-shaped beach towel made of a singe sheet of towel material. The towel has opposing edges, side and top and bottom, and its the width is at least fifteen inches between the edges on its opposing sides. By including eye, nose, and mouth slits, the sun mask towel allows users see, speak, and breathe easily. Still, the result is a scary vision of a human no one wants to sunbathe anywhere near.


The Sun Mask Towel has its merits. It effectively shields a user's face, head and neck, and the entire body from the harmful rays of the sun. It is easy to use and transport back and forth from the beach (and/or Klan meetings). In the words of the inventor:

“There is a need … for an easy to use, easy to carry form of sun protection which blocks harmful UV rays to the entire area of skin a user wishes to protect, while allowing a user to see, talk, and breathe easily.”

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Happy swimming and bathing and whatever else you accomplish under the ultraviolet rays of Mr. Sun.


Via Patent Storm