SunHydro Planning Solar Powered Hydrogen Highway for East Coast

The future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles is beginning to brighten thanks to the unveiling of Honda's at home refueling station. However, this won't solve the problem of taking a road trip with a hydrogen powered vehicle. To pick up where the at home solution leaves off, a company called SunHydro has drafted a plan to build stations along major highways in the US.

The first phase of the plan calls for a group of stations placed along the east coast, stretching from Maine to Florida. The project will likely focus on the use of I-95, as that sees a majority of the North-South traffic in the area. While the official number of stations called for has not been released, one can assume it will take quite a few to cover such an expanse.

As their name implies, SunHydro will be using a solar powered system to produce the hydrogen, so the whole process is about as green as it gets. They are currently estimating that between 10 and 5 vehicles could be filled per day, depending on the amount required. The Connecticut based company would likely be pumping energy back into the grid when the storage tanks are full.

The whole process is still in the research and planning stage, and will likely remain there for a while. However, if it does become a reality, it could bring the focus back onto Hydrogen transportation.

Green Beat
Feb 13, 2010
by Anonymous

Need this in the West

Long overdue & needed.

Must have project.

Move fast in R&D I hope.