Sunlight Live Shines Light On Transparency At Health Care Summit

Just as "City" and "Government" Apps have been able to provide transparency on our mobile phones, today's Health Care Summit is going to stream live some very interesting data for inquiring minds. The Sunlight Foundation which advocates open government is offering an online venue called Sunlight Live and during the entire Health Care Summit today on February 25, the Sunlight Foundation will provide viewers with data about the the participants that traditional media might not focus on.

This is a first-time event for this type of approach and will reveal data in real-time while politicians are speaking.

According the Sunlight Foundation Web site, when a member of Congress speaks, Sunlight Live will show the financial contributions that person has received as well as "their connections to lobbyists and industry, personal finances, and key votes that the leaders have made on health care in the past."

Sunlight Live Web site 'live' screen shot taken at 9:59AM ETSunlight Live Web site 'live' screen shot taken at 9:59AM ET

While this particular screen shot was taken just prior to the broadcast, it does show the campaign donor amounts for Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

The site will follow the full summit in its entirety, from 10 a.m. to whenever it ends, which is expected to be around 6 p.m on Thursday evening.

One of Obama's campaign promises was "transparency in government." This historic innovation to provide the American people with this kind of transparency is one of the first-steps in making that campaign promise a reality - and hopefully will open bi-partisanship doors.

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