Sunnygram: Email/Snail Mail Hybrid Business Bridges Generational Gaps With A Unique Twist

Communication today for most is confined to email, text messaging, blogging and social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. If it wasn’t for these methods, there are many people that we’d lose touch with undoubtedly because picking up the phone, or writing a snail mail letter just isn’t convenient anymore. But, there is still a generational gap for many methods of communication when it comes to older adults who aren’t online, or choose not to use email; so to address this market there’s a company called Sunnygram that allows everyone to communicate with their preferred method.


Yes, we’ve seen it all before; there are many email/snail mail hybrids that allow people to send an email message which is then printed, made pretty, and popped in the mail (Telegram Stop is one business of this sort that I've written about before.) Sunnygram has that element to their service too. Grandchildren can email their grandparents at their unique address provided by the company, and once a week a newsletter is put together and mailed which includes information from the email and photos that were attached. It’s a neat variation on a service that we’ve seen before.


But there is one thing that Sunnygram has thought of that other businesses of this type have not; they provide seniors and other recipients of the snail mail letters a way to reply so that their response goes back to the original sender’s email. They can call a specialized voicemail box belonging to the sender in order to reply to their messages, and dictate what they would like to have sent back in an email sent by Sunnygram.


Via: CNN